Blakeney Accounting Solutions

For All of Your Bookkeeping Needs

I am Julie Blakeney, and I own Blakeney Accounting Solutions.  I started Blakeney Accounting Solutions in 2005 to fill the bookkeeping needs of small businesses. Of course, every business needs some form of accounting in order to succeed.  Small businesses are special, though.  Small business owners may not be able to afford a full-time bookkeeper and, for that matter, probably do not need one.  CPA’s are highly trained individuals but highly expensive as well.






After working for years in corporate accounting departments, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.  With the support of my colleagues and family, I established my own firm, Blakeney Accounting Solutions.

Located in the greater Memphis, Tennessee area, I specialize in bookkeeping for small businesses.  By taking a relationship approach, I customize my services to fit my clients’ needs. Just like my clients have an obligation to supply me with complete information, I have an obligation to supply them with the best service possible.  My clients rest assured their information is accurate and secure. Finally, small businesses can benefit from an experienced accountant and pay a reasonable fee.

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